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I am afraid. Actually I am hopeful that I will have to eat my words. The best way to do that might be after making crow soup, if I just knew how. To make crow soup that is. Not eat my words.

Pinning a Tweet to See Who Agrees

About 6 weeks ago I wrote a post (Thanks, Mia for letting me guest here) – Why I Think Chasing a Literary Agent is a Waste of Time.

I pinned the post at Mia’s Twitter account – TooInWon.

So far, 99 people agree, 60 so much so that they retweeted the post and 8 replied.


Wasting Time Chasing Literary Agents

Wasting Time Chasing Literary Agents

Last week a writer friend, Fan Wu, of FanWuWrites, invited me to attend a publishing conference for women. I am not a woman. I know that. Yeesh! But one of these days Mia will be. The more I learn now, the more I can teach her about her future, write? er, right?

Meeting Literary Agent Face to Face Makes a Difference

We met a partner of a local (to the Bay Area of Yes-I-Know-the-Way San Jose) literary agency. There were not a lot of writers present, nor were there a lot of agents. Getting an audience was easy. I just walked up and started talking. And, not paying $15 or $50 for a 5-minute pitch among 50 other soon-to-be-forgotten pitches.

Email Exchange with Literary Agent

Partner said, “Here’s my card. Email me and I will introduce you to the agent on our team that I think will be the best fit.”

“Um, okay. Been there, done that. But why not,” I thought.

I went home. Emailed her. Got a reply within minutes. Within a minute?

Email this person.

Emailed her. Laid down to take a nap, er, to read and think.

When I woke up, a reply was waiting. Within minutes. Within a minute?

“This is right up my alley, Bill. Give me a couple of weeks to catch up and I’ll get back to you. How many Twitter followers do you have again?”

Insert Words, Eat Crow

Insert Words, Eat Crow

Finding Dory, Um, Encouragement with a Literary Agent

I am encouraged.

Nothing is nothing until it is something. But I am encouraged.  And looking for a recipe for crow soup.  And hoping I will have to eat it, too.


Bill Belew

Professional Blogger, social media marketer, professor of marketing, Christian and dad.


  • Tami says:

    Crow soup might turn out to be a wonderful meal…lol You might want to use a pressure cooker though, they look awfully tough! Congratulations and I hope things pan out as you hope!

    • Mia Mei says:

      Pressure cooker or slow cooker? Hmm… tough choice for tough food to cook. Thanks for the kind words and well wishes.

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