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You won’t find us asking anyone else, anywhere else. Just subscribers to this newsletter. Cool, eh?

We are going to publish our book The Heliuna Academy in serial form to you IF, and only IF, you opt to read it.

We plan to send one chapter per week of THA to ONLY those of you who opt to read it.

See the blue button? Just click it.

Each week on the day of the week that you opt-in, you will receive another chapter in the book. That’s it.

We hope you enjoy reading the book in serial form.

I Want to Read-Along!

After receiving the first chapter of the book, after one week (7 days) you will receive the next chapter until the book is finished.

That’s it.

We do hope you will read along. We also understand that everyone receiving this newsletter already has a long list of books they want to read. That’s why we are sending only one chapter each week.


Can’t wait?
Final thoughts:

Fall plans:

School is back in session!

Mia started 8th grade on 8/18. Woot!

Over the summer months, she was invited to visit the school. Piles and boxes of books are now all neatly organized and Mia has been designated, school librarian!

What also has us all giddy is that our entire Growing Up Aimi series of books was adopted by a charter school in Oakland, CA for their 6th graders.

How cool is that?!

Book one – The Giant Forest – is written in 3rd person narrative style.

Book two – The Heliuna Academy – is a frame narrative and written in the 1st person. It also has running epistolary style writing.

Book three – The LoGlas Theater – is written in the 1st person and includes a theater script within the book as well.

Each of these books has discussion questions at the end of each chapter that makes for non-forced conversation starters as well as writing prompts.

Book four – The Floating City – is written in the 1st person as a travel log. At the end of each chapter, there is a ‘social media-like exchange between the main protagonist and her followers.

All four books have underlying Christian themes that are not overtly so, but clearly there for the insightful reader.


The Growing Up Aimi Series

We will return to our familiar format in our next newsletter, with offers from our author friends, updates on our ongoing projects, and other small side notes on what’s going on in our writing lives.

Thanks for being part of our newsletter!! We LOVE our readers.

Bill Belew

Daddy and Christian.

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