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Princess Ariel was the first princess I ever met … in person.

Daddy tells the story of when we first met her. Daddy says we got in line, not sure what we were waiting to do till we got very close to when it was our turn. It was only then that we found out we were going to meet the real princesses. As we walked around the corner, daddy said his jaw dropped when he saw Ariel about 10 yards away talking to one of the families who were in line before us.

“That looks just like her,” he said to the little elf guarding the entry way.

“Well, duh! That IS her,” was the reply.

Fooled, or, Taken In by Disneyland Magic

We were both completely taken in. We were both thrilled to see Ariel! Now I try to meet her every time I go back to Disney Land. I try to meet all the princesses. And I have … all of them except Moana.

I not only met them, in some regards I want to be like them, too.

Ariel has a Wonder Personality

Ariel has a Wonder Personality

Ariel’s 11 Personality Traits Worth Emulating

Passion for discovery – that’s curiosity taken into action. Some people need to ‘find their legs’ before they can or will try. For Ariel, she literally needed legs to take the next steps. he he he

Passion for adventure – discovery taken to new places. Taking risks and failing, but not always. Trying and succeeding, but not always. An adventure is most always a story you tell about how things did NOT turn out the way you thought they would. They turned out differently and oftentimes better.

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Listens to her heart – sensitive and insightful. Some people can’t hear anything but their heart. But, it’s not their heart talking at all; it’s their selfish desires. Our hearts can lead us to and away. Know which is when is the challenge.

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Disobedient – but not dishonoring … well, maybe a little. “If you are going to break the rules, don’t get caught,” Daddy says. “If you get caught, pay the penalty.”

Energetic – boy, um, girl! She can swim fast. And far. I like to swim. But I think I might be glad I don’t have a tail. I like my feet.

Fun-loving – did you see how Prince Eric reacted when she was driving the cart? Are you willing to take the reins? Try something that looks like fun even you are not sure you know how?

Outgoing – dancing and singing and laughing and smiling and spinning and wondering and dreaming and trying and following through and …

Fun – shiny eyes that sparkle with the joy that can’t help but come out. Can you imagine how much fun life would be if Ariel were your friend? Maybe I should strive to be a fun person like her and people will enjoy being with me.

Stubborn – when the results are good, a positive. When the outcome is bad, pigheaded is the term. The solution? Focus on getting good results.

Determined – this trait will allow little girls and boys to get things done. It is best learned by trying to be like those you love and trust demonstrating it for you and pointing out the result as having not given up.

Daredevil – you won’t know unless you try. You will know the result if you don’t try – nothing! Getting permanently hurt is never a good outcome. A few bumps and bruises? They’ll heal.

I love Ariel. And she can really sing, too!!!


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Bill Belew has raised 2 bi-cultural kids, now 37 and 33. And he and his wife are now parenting a 3rd, Mia, who is 8, 9, 10 … now 11!

Bill Belew

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