The first time I went to Disneyland, one of the Disney workers stopped me and my family in the tunnel going to and from Toon Town.

“Princess Belle! I didn’t expect to see you here. Can I have your autograph?!”

Being Mistaken for a Real Princess

He asked me for my autograph thinking I was Princess Belle.

I am probably more like Princess Belle than any of the other princesses. Or maybe it is just that I want to think so. Or maybe I really am considering that Toon Town encounter.

My daddy comes across as pretty goofy, kind of like Belle’s dad. I haven’t had to bail him out of the dungeon of a castle, but my older brother said something about almost having to get him out of jail once.

Or Grumpy. He has a Grumpy sweatshirt and Grumpy pin.

Here are the characteristics of Belle that I think are worth developing:

Princess Belle's Personality

Princess Belle’s Personality

Free thinker – I think it comes from reading. Lots of information in = lots of stuff to think about. And act on, too!

Independent – Belle is Belle and nobody else. She doesn’t fit into a mold. Nor does she fit in some provincial town.

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Dreamer – Rapunzel is not the only who dreams. Far off places, daring adventures … You can actually go to all these places, do all these things and never leave your room.

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Reader – I love to read. I love to read. I love to read. I’d rather read than eat ice cream.

Imaginative – you have to have something of substance, comes from reading, to form your imagination around. Belle could spend all her free time in a library. Me, too!

Patient – I wouldn’t be able to put up with Gaston’s advances like she did. Or tolerate the messiness of the Beast, or the cold of the castle towers.

Opinionated – this comes from being well read and being able to support your thoughts. An opinion that is uninformed is just an opinion.

Speaks her mind – most people don’t speak well because they have nothing to say. Belle has plenty to say. Daddy says he loves when I bring him something new that he doesn’t know. I love doing that, too.

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Intelligent – I would rather be intelligent than beautiful, but Belle is both. Can I be both?

Compassionate – how tenderly she nursed the Beast. And at the risk of her safety she rescued her father and took his place.

Beyond superficial – She could see the inner qualities of the Beast long before others could. How many people judge others by their outward appearance alone? Not Belle

Stubborn – She won’t do something if she doesn’t want to. She will if she does. Stubborn or determined or both?

Kind – she won the monster over with kindness. She won over the Beast’s staff with her gentle spirit.

Loyal – “You came back!” One of the all time favorite lines in any movie.

Graceful – Better than Ginger Rogers who did everything Fred Astaire did except she did it backwards and in high heels. Belle seems to float when she dances.

Valiant – Courage in action.

What a beautiful person inside and outside is Belle.

I have a lot of growing up to do.


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