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Speaking of the bad manners of Chinese, even zoo animals can’t stand it any more.

“A young girl was injured at a zoo in central China on Sunday when an African elephant, in retaliation to abuse from a group of tourists, hurled a stone towards the mob, striking the girl in the face,” reported a local Wuhan newspaper.

The 13-year-old elephant was being taunted by tourists and pelted with stones, mud and plastic bottles, according to an unnamed spokesman with Wuhan Zoo.

Parenting Chinese-American Kids

Parenting Chinese-American Kids

The elephant has made the zoo his home along with his partner for seven years. He curled up a stone in his trunk and hurled it over the fence, hitting the girl who was being held up by her father, and causing the crowd to flee.

The little girl suffered injuries to her forehead and was taken to hospital immediately. The zoo has promised compensation.

Uh…I think the parents of the little girl should give compensation to the elephant. It’s the elephant’s home.

And wasn’t the big guy just playing? I mean if it’s fun to throw things at him, won’t it be fun to throw things back?

Every rude Chinese tourists, make that rude tourists everywhere should have the opportunity of playing catch with an elephant.

How hard can an elephant throw a rock? Couldn’t the people see it coming?


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