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Yi Jianlian’s dream is to carve out his own career in the NBA, NOT just be another Yao Ming.

The former Guangdong Tiger power forward is expected to go in the first round…then challenge Yao as China’s hottest basketball export.

Parenting Chinese-American Kids

Parenting Chinese-American Kids

One Hall of Fame coach says about Yi –

“He has much more body control than Yao, and he’s a much better jumper. I’m real high on him, and I think I’m right.”

Yi Jianlian will be the fourth Chinese export following – Yao Ming, Wang Zhizhi Menk Bateer.

He’s fast, has soft hands and can jump (his first dunk was at 13-14-years of age), but he lacks upper body strength and toughness is the going assessment.

He is the son of two professional

handball players in Heshan.

He idolized Michael Jordan. (What aspiring bball player doesn’t?)

He loves hip hop.

Yi was also a member of China’s Olympic team in Athens.

Yi and Yao will play together next year on China’s Olympic Team.

And no matter what anybody else thinks, the NBA is going to make a lot more money and attract a lot more fans having another top notch player in the league.

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  • Philly Hoops says:

    Yi is so overated by any standards! Latest test, 15 points during junk time of a 19 and under game! In addition, it is a privalige to play in the NBA for any team… It is called the draft because you get selected, not because you cry like a baby until you get assigned to the team you want to play for! My guess, this guy will not amount to much in this league

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