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The music in The Princess and the Frog is different. It’s cool. It has a different energy. A different vibe. It’s way fun. And the music reflects the personality of Princess Tiana, too!

Princess Tiana is cool. She has a different inner quality as well. Some are the same as her sister princesses. But she also has a unique character.

Princess Tiana's Personality

Princess Tiana’s Personality

10 Positive personality traits of Princess Tiana worth developing in little girls

Disciplined – you can want something but that’s not enough. You have to sharpen your desires and interests to focus on what you want most. Princess Tiana’s dad instilled in her a hard work ethic. And that work ethic stayed with her.

Hard-working – Daddy says that you can beat talent and genius with hard work. There are a lot of people who are geniuses, have great talent. But that’s all they have. Nothing to show for their character except ‘what might have been’ if they had only tried.

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Unafraid – most people don’t do something, not because they can’t but because they are afraid to try. Kiss a frog? Really? Follow him into a foggy swamp? Really?

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Independent – we see this a lot in the princesses. They will step out. Take a chance. Not wait for someone to do something for them. The princesses might get help. They might want help. But nearly all of them can be defined by being themselves/

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Self-motivated – Those who tell themselves to do something, then do it often get things done far ahead of those who wait for someone to do something for them, or for ‘all their starts to be aligned’ before getting started.

Talented – added to hard work = great results. Tiana could sing, she could cook, she could harmonize with others and their desires. She could work alone or with others.

Resourceful – make do instead of complain because of what is lacking. The ability to make do with what you have is one of my all-time favorite characteristics of any person.

Funny – life is more well-lived if you can laugh your way through it, enjoy your challenges while you overcome them, too.

Friendly – life is better lived with others than lived alone, especially if one of the ‘others’ is an alligator that can play the trumpet like Louie! We can’t know what our friends are capable of until we know who our friends are. Make more friends!

Down-to-earth – we live on this earth, we may as well stay down on it, eh? Tiana was

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Bill Belew has raised 2 bi-cultural kids, now 37 and 33. And he and his wife are now parenting a 3rd, Mia, who is 8, 9, 10 … now 11!

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