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Getting Started with Anne of Avonlea

Anne of Avonlea Review

Anne of Avonlea Review

When you first start reading the book, it feels fun to read, especially if you watched the Netflix episodes and read the first book, Anne of Green Gables.

After a few pages, it gets really boring …

It did not answer my questions about Anne’s adult life. That was disappointing to me.

Also, the same topics kept dragging on!?!

I gave up on this 230-page book at page 98. That’s hard for me to give up. I love books! And who knows, I may write a book or two of my own someday.

My Recommendation

I don’t recommend the book, unless, you are having trouble sleeping.

But, I do still want to visit Avonlea if I get the chance!

I hope my mommy and daddy will take me there. When they do I will write about that experience also!

Thank you for reading my blog! Please tell me what you think of this book.



Mia Belew

One Comment

  • Sam says:

    Hi, thank you for writing this review and saving me some time for not reading this book. Maybe I’ll watch the movie Anne of Green Gables someday though. I also like the graphic with a little girl holding a blanket while reading a book. Is that a special blanket maybe?

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