Almost all of my postings end with these four words.

There is a reason for that. I genuinely want to know what readers of my posts think. Nothing profound, eh?

I make it my point to find a nugget, a piece of info, a news event, something I think is interesting, and then post on it.

The discerning reader can generally tell where I stand by the way I present the info or ask the question.

However, the main purpose in my posts is to create a discussion, to cause the reader to have to grapple/deal/consider the info I have presented.

If someone reads a post of mine and then ponders even for a moment about what was written, I feel I have succeeded.

If a reader decides to write back and share an opinion, I am even more delighted.

However, if a reader will turn to a colleague, a friend, a family member and ask ‘what do you think about…? then I am thrilled.

I hope that my posts will cause reflection, give insight, be the source of a discussion in something such as an ESL class.

I hope the readers here will learn something, think something, feel they know something more and can discuss it, will communicate with others about the topics and in the end…the world will become a better place…because we have talked.

What do you think?

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  • MyDailySlice says:

    I think the reason he chose Dubai is because his advisory checks will clear faster!

    Nice blog!

  • Anonymous says:

    fate has a funny way of working , the UNITED STATES with this police the world attitude will come back and bite them in the ass ,sorry boys you lost the war the day it started it is just a matter of time , saddam was no angel , but if we took a close look at the oil hungry bush family you would find no difference,

  • Anonymous says:

    What will be next? Will they ban non-Chinese couples from adopting Chinese babies?

  • Anonymous says:

    As for the fighter. . . nice, or should I say, beautiful looking target.

  • Tristan says:

    Your negative criticisms of girls such as Gong Li and Zhang Ziyi are way off. Lips too fat or thin? What a ridiculous comment. If you can’t appreciate these lovely faces, send the girls to the UK where they will be suitably admired.

  • Anonymous says:

    Those are just statistics, and worse yet they don’t even at least have a source, and or others to compared to in the same favor. Further more China would want to make that up just to impress their own oppression with favor. Their government is absolutely the most worst tyrannical government out there, and odds are China’s going to blow up the world, or there’s going to be an armed revolution from it’s citizens after sometime. No government wants to fear it’s citizens armed, because whether you fall for the tricks, and trends in the media today there’s the simple truth, born of experience, is that tyranny thrives best where government need not fear the wrath of an armed people. And our own history proves this sad fate.

  • AussieBoy says:

    Funny this one! Our lives are given a dollar value anyway, think of how much money your government is prepared to spend on health or spends on the military capasity to kill people. I don’t think it strange to draw dollar values on things but it can be awfully misleading not mention bad politically.

    Regarding valuing girlfriends well I had a wife and I could calculate how much she cost me but never even guess at what she was worth to me. Some things just cannot be accurately costed, I can only tell you she cost me and was even worth to me a hell of a lot more than $320!

  • Anonymous says:

    i think that if thats all china can get out of women, than they are gravely mistaken. maybe even gender mistaken

  • Kevin Zhang says:

    wow they are all so hot

  • Chris Ivankovich says:

    All these Chinese girls are beautifu. You should not say any negative things about these girls. I bet your girlfriend or wife or any of your female friends are as attractive as these beautiful girls. Come on buddy, you have to be honest that these girls are very good looking. I would be one lucky man if I get to have one of them to be my girl. 😉

  • Chris Ivankovich says:

    All these Chinese girls are beautifu. You should not say any negative things about these girls. I bet your girlfriend or wife or any of your female friends are as attractive as these beautiful girls. Come on buddy, you have to be honest that these girls are very good looking. I would be one lucky man if I get to have one of them to be my girl. 😉

  • Anonymous says:

    Gongli: One side of her face is visibly larger than the other side; her face is as flat as a pancake. She is over the hill. Old and ugly. What Westerners think as hot, we real Asians think as ugly.

    Zhang ZiYi: Her chin is too pointy; her face looks like a an upside down triangle. Too bony. She always look like she is pissed off at something, even when she smiles. Young and ugly.

    Zhang Jingchu: so so. Big jaw.

    Zhao Wei: Her nose and her mouth are too big for her face.

    Liu Yifei: Slightly cross-eyed. Fat cheeks that make her face looks like an upside down light bulb.

    Huang Shengyi: Horse-faced indeed.

    Zhou Xun: Well-balanced eyes and nose, but the awfully ugly mouth making her looks whiny even when she smiles.

    Cecilia Cheung: Pretty eyes, mouth, face, but ugly bumpy nose (sort of like a Westerner’s nose ahahahaha)

    Xu Xiyuan: Cranky mouth making her looks like she is about to complain, complain, and nothing but complain.

    Xu Xidi: Classical face, but the eyes are small and not well balanced.

  • taiwantiger says:

    What do I think? Well, I think Da “S” and Xiao “S” would be insulted by someone calling them Chinese. They are from Taiwan, hence Taiwanese. I think you ought to note that in your blog, even though the original also fails to do so. But you know China, they will claim anything Taiwan is theirs. I suppose the NY Yankees pitcher Wang Chien Ming is from China, too?

  • Anonymous says:

    The Chinese/Tiawan top 10 are all beautiful and Zhang Ziyi is one of the top beauties in the world. As an older women Michelle Yeoh would also figure. I agree with the comment on Feb 15th, let them come to England. At least they would be welcome

  • Anonymous says:

    I am a chinese girl. Honestly, I don’t think these girls are too pretty. There are prettier chinese celebs, like Hebe from S.H.E

  • Anonymous says:

    I think they are all beautiful. Anyone that can see beauty. If you disagree, then you aren’t human. It doesn’t matter where a person is from, you should judge them all the same. Black,white,yellow,or green. I still think they are beatiful,

  • intelligent, insightful and frontline.

  • Carrefour vs. Wal-Mart from PanAsianBiz
    Carrefour is France’s answer to the American giant Walmart Inc.The new president of Carrefour China says the company will open 20 new branches this year at a cost of about 150 million euros.The focus of the company will remain in

  • jade says:

    Lol … maybe someone in the company is trying to destory the company.. lol, if u watch k-drama.. u understand wot i mean! .. or maybe they trying to sell the fila brand.. seriously, they could be clever.. coz paris even though not many ppl like her, it can help advertise fila… at the end fila is a brand.. paris is just a promotional model ..

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