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In this newsletter we want to:

show you the cover for our 4th book – The Floating City
give you some options for what to read next.
share updates on our writing projects.
offer something special for UK readers ONLY
make a special announcement for you something to look forward to
send final thoughts.

Can You Tell Us?

The covers for our books have always been the last thing to be finished before we launch our books.

Not this time.

The cover for book number four – The Floating City – is finished.

We hope you will love it as much as we do.

Special – We will gift a free digital copy of the book to the first 5 people who can tell us what is unique about our covers.

Hit reply and tell us what we think separates our covers from every other cover. We’ll announce the winners in the next newsletter and the ‘reveal’ about what is different.

You Won’t Want to Miss the Next One 

As regular readers of this newsletter can tell it’s dad who has been doing all the writing and such. 

That’s going to change. 

I’ve been waiting for some time and finally get to announce that the next newsletter after this one – Jun 7th – Mia will be writing!! 


She has a couple of special things planned for that newsletter. 

It will be her first try at writing in this medium.

What does she have planned?

I don’t know either … yet.

Watch for it!

Final thoughts:

Disney World trip got cancelled! But … we booked tix to Disneyland in Anaheim. We live in the Bay Area near San Jose (I know the way). We are going to stop by Universal Studios and Harry Potter Land on the way home. 

In July, Mia, her friend and I will go to Indiana to visit my family (what’s left of them) for about a week. I lost two sisters, one older and one younger in the past 6 months. I have a brother who is battling and winning, for now, against cancer. Go meds!

We deeply appreciate having you as part of the GUA and GUW world.

Thanks so much for reading.


Parashu Shalgar

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