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In this article, we want to:

  1. give you an update on book 4 in the Growing Up Aimi Series.
  2. give you links to discover a bundle of new authors
  3. share an exclusive first look at part 3 of a story we are writing …
  4. Final thoughts.

Our Newsletter Readers Get 1st Look

This is a story that will go into our prequel series to Growing Up Aimi. 

The story, Gimmy Wolf is written by Wilby.

It’s the back story of the wolf in The 3 Little Pigs and his brother.

It has NOT been published anywhere else. This is part 3 of the story. 

So as to not overwhelm our newsletter.

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Gimmy Wolf ( part 3)

Knock, knock!

“Nobody’s home!”

“Then who said that?”

……. (silence)

There was more pounding. Shuffling about inside was the response. One thing led to another and soon Gimmy discovered he could not only chow down, he was also pretty full of hot air. The two bantered back and forth through the door for some time. This little pig that went to the market could hold her own, too when it came to talking.

“Let me in!”

“Nope. Can’t. I’m shavin’ now.”

Gimmy rolled his hazel eye to the left and his sky blue eye to the right (wolves can do that…) and wondered hard about the shaving. He wiggled his left ear. The right ear was up against the door.

“Let me in!” Gimmy huffed. The door rattled and it startled Gimmy just a little.

“Can’t let you in. Sorry.”

About this time Gimmy got tired of talking. Now he was in an eating mood. So, Gimmy thought for a moment. It hurt his head a little because he wasn’t used to thinking. He scratched his oversized head and thought a little harder. That hurt, too. Then that slimy red tongue came flopping out, he licked his wolf lips, and stuck a claw between one of his fangs. PING! He sucked that ugly snake for a tongue back in, but it came out again only this time with a puff that rattled the front door more than his huff had. This made the little pig inside shriek with horror. Gimmy chuckled to himself and thought maybe, just maybe. He took a not-so-deep breath and then he blew real hard – next thing you know, grass went flying everywhere. He even blew the rubber ducky out of the pig’s pen. The pig stood there motionless, frozen in place. This tickled Gimmy’s funny bone and if he hadn’t been so hungry he would have laughed out loud. Instead he ate that little pig. He called it a pigsickle. And, he was happy.

Gimmy took his time eating that little pig, which as it turned out wasn’t so little after all. For the first time in his life he didn’t have to share. Not only could Gimmy pig out, he discovered he could pig in, too. Later, he wobbled home with his belly so bloated it nearly rubbed the ground. The grass tickled his belly but he hardly noticed. He was so miserably full he could think of nothing more than to take a nap, which is what he did when he got home. He fell fast asleep and stayed that way for about two weeks.

Final thoughts:

We deeply appreciate having you part of the GUA world.

Thank you for following along as we grow our series.

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We love our readers and are grateful for your feedback.

Have a great Fall!

We are writing away on book 4 in the Growing Up Aimi Series 

 The Floating City

Aimi and her team have left Shanghai and are in the South China Sea caught in a furious typhoon.  

Word count on book 4 is at 43,115 words.

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