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In this newsletter I want to:

  1. tell you country #3 that has had a HUGE influence on me.
  2. share some links to discover a bundle of new authors.
  3. tell you my favorite way to celebrate Christmas outside the US.
  4. give a few final thoughts.

Country #3 in the Meet Wilby Series.

Reading a book for Punishment

Reading a book for Punishment

Wilby is a name given to me by my older son. I started this series on Wilby two newsletters ago.

See Wilby in India. <= Click to learn how I got started in writing.

Meet Wilby in Japan. <= Click to learn why I started to cheat death.

Meet Wilby in China.

China is country 3 of 10 that I will introduce as influencing who I am.

China has had a HUGE influence on me because, well, I sort of married into it. My wife is ‘Made in China!’

These countries, their people, their culture, and my experiences have greatly impacted who I am and the stories I tell.

Be sure to check out => Wilby in India.

     And => Wilby in Japan.


Parashu Shalgar

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