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After the think, keyboard, and write part comes the:

  • rewrite
  • edit
  • rewrite
  • format
  • proofread
  • rewrite
  • insert pics
  • format again
  • download
  • upload
  • share
  • collaborate
  • market
  • engage

and, and … good googie moogie!

What Free Time!?

That’s how I (Mia) spend my free time when I am not doing online school and finishing up my homework. How about you? How are you spending your days? What are you reading? Do tell!

I like Rick Riordan, Shannon Messenger, Roald Dahl, J K Rowling. Those writers inspire me. Dad? No idea what he likes. He reads biographies of dead people and say they inspire him. Dead people, Dad? Really?

It’s Ours and Nobody Else’s

All that to say, that our stories are our own and nobody else’s. We strive for our stories to be a blend of old and new, fun yet thought-provoking, a glimpse at life as a 6th grader with a sometimes view from a 60-something-year-old dad. Where else can you get that?


1. Our narrator sent us the first 15 minutes of the audiobook version of The Giant Forest. She did much better than we thought. It should be done by the end of May!

2. Book Number 3 – The LoGlas Theater – now has 87,794 words <= real number.

3. Tentative Titles. We have storylines but are not telling … yet, for books 4 – 7!

The Floating City  – Aimi visits an honest to goodness city that floats

The Penny Connection – What a difference a penny can make.

The Opposite Attraction – A real place where things are opposite.

The Seven Paths – Making choices that change the future

4. We sent our first newsletter to 285 people. This one is going out to 412 people. Thank you, thank you for being a reader! If you will please, please share this email and the gift below with your friends!


We get access to free book downloads.

Click on the image to get access to 15 FREE eBooks.

We can’t promise they will all be good. We can promise that each time we send out an email, we will share similar free ebooks to download with you.

Thank you again for being part of the GrowingUpAimi world.

Have a great Day!

Bill Belew

Professional Blogger, social media marketer, professor of marketing, Christian and dad.

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