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In this heartwarming story of redemption, Jack Cunningham (portrayed by Ben Affleck) is struggling with addiction when a priest offers him a coaching position at his former high school.

He reluctantly agrees to accept the job and ends up finding a glimmer of hope for the future and shot at a second chance.

Everyone loves a great comeback, and this film is the perfect opportunity to share the power of a true redemption story!



THE WAY BACK is an honest representation of how we all struggle and face set-backs in life, and emphasizes that the way back is never too far away.

The world definitely needs more stories full of grace and redemption, and this film wholly exemplifies that.

It would be amazing to see a movement of people sharing personal testimonies on how second chances have brought hope and change to their lives.

Leave a comment telling us why you want to see the movie and my dad and I will pick two to give you FREE tickets to see it. How cool is that?

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Bill Belew

Daddy and Christian.

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