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My daughter is being brainwashed at a young age.

Learning to be Patriotic

This morning at school she was ‘forced’ to line up with her classmates in the parking lot and ‘in unison’ say the pledge of allegiance to the US flag with ‘under God’ included. Then, believe it or not the entire school sang the national anthem – verses 1 AND 2.
Brainwashing Kids

Brainwashing Kids


Keeping Christ in Christmas

They then went into the chapel where kindergartners recited an entire Psalm (100), not just a verse … the second graders recited the Christmas story from Luke 2.
The 1st – 3rd graders sang songs with words like Christmas, and baby Jesus, and King and Immanuel in it!

Saying Prayers in School

Then before moving on to class for the day they recited a daily prayer – in ‘mindful’ unison that mentioned by name 2 classmates who had birthdays. They then prayed for infants – born AND unborn, and prayed for our leaders in Washington to make good decisions that value life, and they prayed for character …
Golly, if I am not careful … my daughter is going to grow up loving the country she was born in, valuing life – the born and unborn, loving her classmates, wanting to be a reliable, loving and caring schoolmate, respecting authority and having a deep faith in a God that has a name – Jesus, Immanuel, who’s coming to dwell with us on Earth is celebrated at a time with a name – Christmas.

Fearing Brainwashing Activity

Should I be afraid of this brainwashing activity?
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