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Bill Belew has raised 2 bi-cultural kids, now 34 and 30. And he and his wife are now parenting a 3rd, Mia, who is 8.



Aruna Shanbaug,  a nurse was sexually assaulted by a janitor in the same hospital where she worked…36-years ago.

The brutality of the incident sent shockwaves across Mumbai.

The ward boy waylaid Aruna, wrapped a dog chain around her neck and sodomized her. The chain cut off the blood and oxygen supply to her brain.

She was paralyzed and went into a coma, which left her speechless.

She is now brain-dead. She cannot speak, hear or see; and she is force-fed every day.

The doctors who have been attending to her for the past 36 years (did I say that?) confirm that she is brain-dead and there’s no hope of her reviving.

Aruna, now 60, has been abandoned by her family.

A social activist has asked the Supreme Court of India to order the hospital to stop force-feeding her, allowing her to die in about 4 days.

The activist is asking that the woman to be allowed to ‘fast.’ Fasting happens a lot in India for political and religious reasons. Why shouldn’t Aruna be allowed to do the same?

Good question.

I do NOT support euthanasia. But this case might cause even the most stalwart to waver.

Indeed, let her fast, I say. What do you say?

Talk to Bill and others about their experiences raising bi-cultural Japanese-American kids.

Bill Belew

Daddy and Christian.


  • olivia says:

    instead of questioning the woman’s right to live why dosent anyone question the existence of a man so savage?

  • sharika says:

    Really brutal story Why such a life .Its better to give her mercy killing rathr than leading a life of this kind.this is not called.She should be given freedom ,everyone is doing cruelty to her.Kindly give the order in favour of her.

  • madhupa dutta says:

    i’m so shocked to know her story.such a painful story…..i think its better to give her mercy killing because why she should suffer more?already she has gone through enough.i really feel for her but now i cannot do anything….why god has given her so much punishment??and why not giving that nasty person who did such a crime to her?please give her peace..give her mercy killing.

  • sandhya prabhu says:

    i am an advocate……even though our Art21 of constitution of india governs right to life…. such a case to be treated in rarest of the rare case.

  • Ruchi Sailor says:

    painful story…..this case can be treated as an exception… all oder cases…

  • vikram singh says:

    why didnt that janitor given any real torture, as he was the one who is responsible for the mishap with aruna ji what did the doctors of kem hospital said why didnt they took some steps why didnt they fight for aruna ji what was the maharashtra govt was doing that time i spit on the face of ministers, hospital’s doctors and maharashtra governmsnt as i believe in social work i will frequently send letters to delhi website holders to find that rascal as i saw in crime patrol serial that sohan lal has changed his name and working in some hospital of delhi. i will do this for aruna ji and for her pride and glory.

  • vikram singh says:

    i urge to all delhi residents that help me to find that rascal named sohan lal who is working in some hospital in delhi

  • shalini singh says:

    Such a painfull story.why? this happen ….Sohanlal Bhartha Balmiki gvt. hv to gave him death….bt unfortunately he was free in 7 years of this case …

  • vicky ali says:

    her story realy shocked me , very sad that she is in such bad condition .

    the court should have given life-time baan to that guy who is responssible of her condition

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