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Bill Belew has raised 2 bi-cultural kids, now 34 and 30. And he and his wife are now parenting a 3rd, Mia, who is 8.


Handicapped Dads stories

This post will discuss all about the lives of handicapped dads.  Handicapped dads might have been handicapped right from their childhood or they might have been involved in some kind of an accident which might have been devastating and may have been a major impediment in the people perform their daily chores. There have been some terrible events that have left permanent scars in the lives of these dads and also caused irreparable damage in the lives of these dads. Such events really take people by surprise and can have a terrible impact on the lives of people that are involved with these dads. These people often sob in remembering these terrible events and are often seen consoling these dads and giving them the necessary hope and motivation to carry on performing the day to day activities.

Many of these dads suffer lot of mental tragedy and social stigma throughout their lives and are often subject to ridicule by ignorant people in the society and that really creates a terrible sense of pain and suffering in the minds of people. These dads are often being disrespected because of their handicap and are rejected by some people in the society as being unable to carry on the necessary duties that a normal person can perform.  Often in job interviews these people are rejected on that very ground and this really creates a deep psychological barrier in the minds of the people.  These dads are excluded from the general crowd of people that are invited for social gatherings and functions because of reasons of luck or being unauspicious and therefore these incidents really hurt these people.

These handicapped dads are also subject to ridicule in many cases  by the members of their own family or their extended family because of the same reasons. This act of provocation from the members of their own family really creates lot of metal agony in the minds of these dads and leave deep scars that remain unfulfilled throughout their lives.  These dads also are motivational in many cases and do not want to be helped or looked down upon by the society and are constantly engaged in converting their weakness into points of strength and impress people with their special skills and stand out in society.  They are not prisoners of their own thoughts so they let their actions and their skill do all the talking instead of providing that opportunity to the society to point out that handicap.

These dads who take their weakness and try to turn this around into a competitive strength is really what makes some of these men truly special and instead of cribbing and sobbing about their current position, really do make the cut and reach positions of power and privilege within the society.  What matters most is that one must have the right attitude and should not limit his capacities under any circumstance. What we can also learn from some of these dads is that we must not be ignorant as observers and by standers and insult somebody and we must give them hope and motivation so that they are able to channel their efforts towards things that are constructive.  We also must understand that these are part and parcel of every persons life and everyone has to go through ups and downs in their own lives and no body insulated from these cycles and we must be thankful that at least we are not in the same miserable positions and some of these dads are in and try and learn from these people and have an appreciation for life in general.

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Bill Belew

Daddy and Christian.

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