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Bill Belew has raised 2 bi-cultural kids, now 34 and 30. And he and his wife are now parenting a 3rd, Mia, who is 8.


US Government

REX 84 is short for Readiness Exercise 84. It’s a plan by the U.S. government to test the ability to round up numbers of American citizens when there is civil unrest or a national emergency.

Global research calls it FEMA’s blueprint for martial law in America.

Texas State says it was signed into existence by Reagan in ’84.

It smacks of what the U.S. government did to the Japanese during the War.

Garden Plot” and a similar earlier exercise, “Lantern Spike” were said to be REX 84 plans.

REX 84 is said to be part of a FEMA, CIA, and DOD joint plan.

REX 84 was mentioned during the Iran-Contra (youtube) hearings in ’87.

REX 84 is assigned to Northcom.

REX 84 sounds to me like something someone made up to point fingers at the U.S. Or maybe I am just naive.

What happened to the Japanese, however, happened. No naivety there. Let’s hope nothing like it happens again.


Talk to Bill and others about their experiences raising bi-cultural Japanese-American kids.

Bill Belew

Daddy and Christian.


  • be live says:

    A big clue that this is all coming down, is the implantation of chips, or felony charges for not carrying the chip cards…

    I think that’s the first step before ‘all income’ would be required to run through the government first; mandatory state-owned property or government interventions to force surrenders of gun & 401 K’s.

    By then, I’m sure that mind-thought-testing will be perfected… And even creepier things like pesky organ recipients who value donations more than life, itself…

    The most inhumane thing would be not having the decency to erase our memory of all of this.

  • seeker84067 says:

    How can we not take this seriously? We did this to our own citizens during WWII and it can and will happen again. Wake up America! We are at the brink of the end

  • bobstones says:

    I belong to a group that will fly over these supposed camps and have a look. I heard rumors that there are illegal aliens from Mexico border near one in Texas. God knows. Are they doing experiments in the fourth reich that were not done in Germany? Maybe so! Hope Not but thank God we only have 2 more weeks left of W.

  • bobstones says:

    Let us pray that these are “conspiracy theories,” however given the fascist tendency that we are exhibiting, who knows?

  • seeker84067 says:

    Good luck and Godspeed on the flyover. It gets worse however… I work for a major retailer and we installed new debit/credit pinpads a year ago. There is a slot on the bottom that is the size of current driver’s licenses which will allow a card to slide in just far enough to read a chip in the card. Research in the company’s website listed manual state that the slot is for a “As yet to be released rfid smart ID card.” In talking with tech support for my company, he stated that there was a mass software upgrade waiting in the wings that will lock all registers until the smart card is inserted in the slot.
    This is real! Start looking at pinpads at your local retailers, especially those made by Ingenico… Also run a search on “real ID” it discusses the plans for a universal ID card.

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