Planning a trip to Hong Kong?

Parenting Chinese-American Kids

Parenting Chinese-American Kids

I came across theses ten tips.

1. Dont Drink the Water – Buy bottled water.

2. Look Both Ways Before Crossing Any Street – this advice is good for any country…but Hong Kong traffic might be coming from a different direction than you are used to.

3. Buy An Umbrella – see those foreigners walking in the rain without umbrellas…they are American. When it does rain — and it rains hard — if youre caught without one, youll either be drenched or end up buying another umbrella.

4. Go Easy On Your Stomach – Just because the Chinese can eat anything it doesn’t mean you can. But don’t just eat at McDonalds and KFC. 

5. Grow Eyes in the Back of Your Head, and on the side and …and..
Be streetwise or you might find your wallet missing.

6. It’s Hot Down Here  Heat + humidity = a Heat Index. Stay hydrated, and wear a hat if youre going to be out a lot.

7. Buy A Book-Map – Its called a Hong Kong Guidebook, by Universal Publications Ltd. 

8. Get An Octopus Card – The MTR and KCR issue these for travel on trains, but they are useful in other places.

9. Dont Carry a lot of Cash – I shouldnt have to tell you this.

10. Beware of Tourist Traps – Avoid places that don’t advertise prices. Watch out for bait-and-switch tactics.


Author Bill Belew is also featured in Prachesta Magazine. Here is the Interview.

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