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In this post, we want to:

  1. announce the 5 winners who guessed the unique quality of our new cover for the The Floating City.
  2. share a recommendation from Mia.
  3. give you some options for what to read next.
  4. share updates on our writing projects.
  5. offer something special for UK readers ONLY.
  6. send final thoughts.

Can You Tell Us What is Unique?

We promised to send a digital copy to the first 5 readers who guessed what we find is unique about our covers. 

We got so many replies that it was hard to keep track of the total guesses.

But … we know who the first 5 are who guessed right.

The cover is about our book, has our title and our names. They are unique to us, but not what we think makes our cover particularly unique. There is something else. 

Congratulations to the winners! They are:

  1. Laura J.
  2. Greg F.
  3. Linda C.
  4. Crystal S.
  5. John H.

The distinguishing characteristic?

Mia’s oldest brother, Benjamin, aka, George, hand painted the cover.

In this day and age when covers are generated digitally using stock photos and following a template of what sells, what the market wants, we chose our own path. 

Dad explained to my son what we wanted the cover to ‘say’ and he ran with it, brushes and paints in hand. We love what he did. The cover really does capture a crucial scene in the book.

We hope you will read it.

We will have it published and available where books are sold by the end of this month.

Recommendations from Mia

Each newsletter Mia will have a recommendation for a book, a song, a website, a new co-author (I hope not) or ….


Hello everyone! 

This is what is going to become updates or recommendations from Mia. 

Final thoughts:

Summer plans:

I might be the world’s worst drawer. I can barely write my name legibly. Who writes anymore anyway, right?

When I was a kid my dad said my handwriting looked like Chinese. I was so happy the first time I went to China until I learned they couldn’t read my handwriting either.

We have a mini-white board that sticks to our fridge. I have been trying to draw characters or items that we will see at Disneyland while adding countdown numbers. We have 13 days till we leave for the Magic Kingdom. 

I drew a picture of Pooh Bear and Mia asked, “Is that Mickey Mouse?”

Yup … that’s how good I am.

What are you doing this summer?


Bill Belew

Daddy and Christian.

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